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Friday Favorite: Meeting Farmers

April 10th, 2015

The best part about sourcing your food locally is meeting the farmers who grow it. The community of people who love animals and love to garden is a great one to infuse yourself into. Yesterday I met Joss at Over the Moon farm to pick up a tom turkey for my poor lonely turkey hen.
farm 3
farm 1
She gave me a tour of her small farm. One of her goats had just kidded an hour before I arrived, the cow and many other goats were due any day now. There was a beautiful blind cow named Candy that she told me all about. She’s the companion cow for her dairy cow. She had wonderful stories to tell of how the sighted cow calls for the blind cow when she gets too far away and doesn’t know her surroundings.
farm 2
farm 4
There were muscovy ducks, guinea fowl, turkeys, geese, chickens, sheep, goats, cows, and a horse on her farm. Along with dogs and cats of course. We chatted for over and hour about all kinds of things.

Are you familiar with any farmers in your area?

One Comment to “Friday Favorite: Meeting Farmers”
  1. Nebraska Dave on April 10, 2015 at 10:32 am

    Susy, my involvement is mostly with neighbors around the neighborhood. Terra Nova Gardens has ceased to be a novelty and has become part of the neighborhood. Much of the time spent there is talking with the passing neighbors about what will be planted and about my less than traditional methods of growing things. It gives me a chance to talk about food quality and growing methods that are different than what they are used to seeing.

    Terra Nova Gardens is about a far away from traditional row crop gardening as a garden could get. When I started gardening, I was told that if I continued putting on heavy mulch it would kill the soil and would probably catch on fire. Since then they have tasted the tomatoes with comments that they were the best tasting they had ever had and the green peppers were tasty as well. They don’t say much about how I grow things any more. :-)

    Have a great local farm visiting day.

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