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Potted Hydrangeas

May 21st, 2018

Last summer, I dug up two ‘Endless Summer’ hydrangeas from one of my perennial borders. They didn’t bloom very well, I think perhaps the winters are a bit too cold for them. The local deer also find them very tasty and nibble them down in the winter.

After transplanting them to large terra-cotta pots, they lagged for a bit but then started to perk back up. I rolled them into the basement for the winter, then wheeled them back out a month or 6 weeks ago. They had already started to set blooms in the basement.

The foliage got a little sunburnt after I moved it out, I should have moved them outside a few weeks earlier. With our late spring, I didn’t want to risk them being damaged by frost (or the containers either). When they put up new shoots, that will help them fill in and cover up any of the crispy leaves. This summer they should fill in nicely.

This past weekend, I moved them to their spots flanking the front door. They seem to be thriving in their containers and with their warmer, cozier winter digs. I’m hoping for a huge flush of beautiful blooms this summer and lovely fall color.

Do you overwinter any plants in the basement? Do you grow things in containers to protect them from cold or nibbling animals?

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