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Friday Favorite: Tree Peonies

June 1st, 2018

Four years ago, I purchased two tree peonies for the garden. I found them at Hidden Gardens for only $25/each, which is a great deal for a tree peony. For the past few years, they’ve been growing and getting established. This year, one of them had 9 buds, the other 4.

I first saw a tree peony in a friend’s garden many years ago. The huge yellow blossoms were very impressive, as was the size of the shrub. After seeing his plant, I did some reading on tree peonies, but never purchased one because they are quite expensive.

I’m quite happy with both of them, they’re not even close to being mature yet. Ten years is the typical time it takes them to become fully mature. Another great benefit of these beauties is that the bees love them. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that these two lovelies continue enjoying the gardens here at Chiot’s Run and bloom for years to come.

Have you discovered any new plants recently?

One Comment to “Friday Favorite: Tree Peonies”
  1. Nebraska Dave on June 1, 2018 at 8:41 am

    Susy, because of the extremely long cold Winter we had many of the perennials either died or are struggling back to health. My once robust Peony that had many blooms last year only has one tiny stem with one bloom this year. This is the one that struggled back to life a few years ago after being dormant for a whole season.

    I have a beautiful bush rose that was gorgeous the last few years that looks totally dead this year. I will cut it back and wait and see if it’s truly dead next year. Perhaps it might rise again like the peony did. Plants have a way of surviving don’t they.

    I’t still hot (97 today) and dry (4 inches behind) here. I set up a automatic watering system for my tomatoes in the back yard. It’s been such a crummy Spring that not much is planted at Terra Nova Gardens. I might just have sweet corn, squash, and cucumbers there for this year. It just doesn’t feel like a year for a big garden.

    Have a great day in the Maine garden.

    Nebraska Dave

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