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Red Dragon Corkscrew Witch Hazel

July 3rd, 2018

I have a running list of plants that I want to add to the garden. Of course I could mail order them, or most likely find them at a big box store, but I like to support small independent greenhouses. When I spot one of the plants I want when I’m visiting a small shop, I buy it. Two weeks ago, I stopped at my local hardware store and spotted a ‘Red Dragon’ corkscrew witch hazel.

This is a plant I’ve been wanting for quite a few years, but haven’t spotted it anywhere. I was so happy to see it at my local small hardware store. I love to support this store because they let the farmers market use their greenhouse in the winter.

At the moment, I’m thinking that this beauty is going to go into a large container and be featured in the front foundation bed on the corner. In this spot it will pick up the late afternoon sun, which beautifully highlights the deeply colored foliage. I’ll have to move another small tree from this spot, but I think the hazel will be a much better feature plant in this spot. I also want to place it where it can be a focal point and be seen daily as I come and go. I’m really looking forward to watching the beautiful plant grow into a lovely specimen.

Have you purchased any new plants recently? Where do you like to buy plants?

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  1. Ann Roberts on July 3, 2018 at 7:13 am

    I am confused. Is this Red Dragon Corkscrew Hazel or Witch Hazel? I am thinking just Hazel. Like a Red version of the Harry Lauder Walking Stick. Witch Hazel is in the Hamamelis family. True Hazel, such as in Hazel nuts and the Harry Lauder Walking stick are the ones in the Corylus family. Not trying to be fussy, but if this is a red version of Harry Lauder then I must have one. Absolutely. And it is not one I have ever seen offered in a single gardening catalog, so you got a real find in my eyes. Now I have a new plant to passionately persue…..LOL..

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  2. Ann Roberts on July 3, 2018 at 7:20 am

    I actually forgot to answer the actual question….that is how blindsided we get when we see a new beautiful plant.

    I buy plants from every single source known out there. Big Box stores for some basics, mainly cause they tend to get stuff in a bit earlier and further along in their growth so I get quicker color in annuals. Also buy a few of my veggies starts there.

    Then on to local smaller independent nurseries, of which we have few that are decent. But thankfully we have some nicer independents in the larger towns within a 4 hr drive. So I go to Atlanta and take my dad plant shopping every spring. Go to Chattanooga to visit brother in law and hit 2 awesome places there. This year even went up to Nashville and found one really great place.

    I also use gardening catalogs, but stick to the best ones of those. Annie’s out in California works well for some things, but since they are a warmer zone there are things I want but can’t realistically have. I use Springhill, Bluestone, Wayside all for plants. Johnny’s, Territorial and Baker Creek for seeds.

    Then if I travel further than 4 hrs I will hunt down local nurseries there. Last year I travelled to New Hampshire to attend my oldest grand’s HS graduation. I hit some nice nurseries there and found things that could and did do well much further south.

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  3. Nebraska Dave on July 3, 2018 at 8:57 am

    Susy, I am a simple guy without exotic tastes in flowers. My only challenge has been to get holly hocks growing without success. I’ve discovered that Holly hocks are not perennial but will self seed once established. My grandmother had them beside her house but I’ve not been able to replicate that just yet. I do love Holly hocks and the challenge continues.

    Have a great Red Dragon Corkscrew Witch Hazel day in the garden.

    Nebraska Dave

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