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Friday Favorite: Homegrown Lettuce

May 10th, 2019

The longer I garden, the better I get at succession planting. It can be difficult to keep on the correct schedule and to figure out what schedule works for your garden, soil, and climate. For example, I have found that seeding every two weeks it too often for me. The lettuce seems to all come ready at once. When I seed every four weeks, I can have beautiful butterheads for salad all summer long. If there’s a bit of a lull between the lettuce forming heads, I simply harvest the outer leaves.

For me, growing lettuce is one of the greatest joys of edible gardening. There’s nothing quite as beautiful as a row of perfectly formed butterheads, they look like giant roses. If I had to choose one thing to grow in my edible space, it would definitely be lettuce.

Do you grow lettuce? Do you have a favorite variety/type to grow?

One Comment to “Friday Favorite: Homegrown Lettuce”
  1. joan on May 13, 2019 at 8:46 am

    I love to grow lettuce. I grow mostly mesclun – I like the mix of greens, along with the little bit of spiciness. Butterhead is great though – I should grow more of it. Along with the mesclun, I also grow arugula (to be used by itself) and Merlot, because I love the deep red. I add the Merlot to the mesclun – it never grows very big and needs to be harvested when young.


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