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The Pollinator Bed

September 9th, 2020

Last year I started a pollinator bed in an awkward spot by the driveway. It looked OK last year, but it was mostly weeding and watching the space for sun. This year I moved a ton of mature perennials to the bed from the nursery area and it has really filled out. Here are photos of the bed from earlier this summer in June and from a week or two ago.

A friend made this lovely sculpture for me, we ended up turning it the other way after this (as you can see in the following image).

I neglected to get a photo from this angle in June. I was just telling Mr Chiots the other day that I need to put a few pavers in the lawn around the garden so I can use them to stand on and get shots of the garden from the same spots each month to watch growth.

How’s your garden maturing? Have you added any new plants/borders this year?

One Comment to “The Pollinator Bed”
  1. Nebraska Dave on September 9, 2020 at 1:49 pm

    Susy, my yard and garden continues to expand with container flower arrangements. I built two new pedestals to set 16 inch pots on with Marigolds in one and an arrangement of Marigold, Silver mist, Coleus, and Impatiens. They filled out nicely and I’ve gotten many compliments from neighbors. The pedestals line the driveway and I’ll build one more next year. It really puts a nice touch on the yard. It’s more work than inground perennials but I don’t mind the extra work. Watering this year was a bit intense with the extreme drought conditions here but the flowers continued to produce gorgeous displays.

    Have a great pollinator day.

    Nebraska Dave
    Urban Farmer

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