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New Plants

June 25th, 2008

I planted 3 new plants today. All three of them are from Stepables. They have such great little plants! I have a few more varieties to plant, but I’ll just post the three I planted today. They are all chartreuse low-growing plants that are great for brightening up dark spots in your garden!

This Scotch moss has tiny white flower blooms (I’ll post one of those later). I planted this in an old birdbath and has a hole in it.

Here’s the information for Scotch Moss.

This small speedwell was planted at the base of the birdbath to brighten a little spot there.

Here’s the information for Golden Creeping Speedwell.

I also planted some Golden Creeping Jenny. I have heard it is invasive, but I planted it where I would love for it to take over, let’s hope it is!

Here’s the information for Creeping Jenny.


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