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January 4th, 2018

Once winter gets into full swing here in Maine, we’re pretty much used to snow, ice, and cold weather. It’s been pretty cold here lately, down to almost -20 at night and daytimes only in the single digits. Now, there’s a blizzard coming.

The snow totals keep going up (14″-18″ now), but we are ready. Pretty much everything is cancelled, work, school, etc. We will spend our last hour of calm before the storm bringing in some firewood, checking on all the outdoor animals and then hunkering down. Perhaps we’ll finally be able to watch that movie we’ve been wanting to since Christmas, that is unless the power goes out.

What’s happening in your garden today?

Warm & Cool

December 18th, 2017

In the winter, the sun is at such a low angle all day, the light is always warm and golden. This always is such a difference from the cool blue of the snow and ice that dominates the landscape. When we have freezing rain and ice builds up on everything, it makes for a stunning show.

Days like this always get me to grab my camera and head outside, even despite the cold. This day was really cold, with the wind chill in the negatives. I thought about heading back to the main garden to take photos there, but ended up deciding the ones I got were good enough.

What’s one of your favorite things about how the light changes throughout the year?

Welcome Winter!

December 11th, 2017

Winter has officially arrived here in Maine, we got our first meaningful amount of snow. On Saturday night and into Sunday, we got about 6 inches. They’re calling for another 6 tomorrow.

The garden is happy, it now has it’s protective layer of snow to keep things from drying out with the cold winter winds.

I’m excited about the snow, not only because it protects the garden, but also for the snowshoeing. In the winter, I go snowshoeing every day on my lunch break if I can. Getting out in the woods every day is such a treat. We’re lucky to have great trails on the property right from the house.

What’s your favorite winter activity?

Raining Cats, Dogs, Chickens, and more…

October 25th, 2017

This past weekend, we prepared for rain, lots of rain! The forecast kept changing, it started off as an inch and a half, then it started climbing, and kept climbing. Last time I checked, we were closing in on 5″ of rain in 48 hours. This amount of rain is actually pretty normal for us in the fall. A few years ago we actually got over 12 inches of rain in one week.

It started raining around noon yesterday, and sprinkled off and on throughout the day/night. We awoke at 4:30 or so this morning to a great deluge outside and the power going out.

It’s been raining cats & dogs & pretty much every other animal all morning and is going to continue throughout the day & night. We really need the rain, so I’m actually happy. All the birds were given extra food yesterday so I wouldn’t have to go out in the rain to do it. It’s been really dry here in Maine this summer, this rain is much needed for refilling creeks and lakes. It’s also much needed to give me time to work indoors on office work and housework.

Do you live in a rainy area?

Seeking the Sun

October 24th, 2017

One of the things I notice most as the days get shorter is the angle of the sun. It streams in the living room windows and across the entire floor. Rooms that are dark in the summer, are bright this time of year. I also notice that I move about the house, working in spots of sun.

The cats also seek out the sun this time of year. Sun spots on the floor never fail to have a cat in them. The cats move about the house soaking it up wherever they can. There are different things I like about each season, fall is definitely the season of golden light for me.

Does the sun change in your area throughout the year? What season is your favorite?


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